RVTools has been a widely used utility for VMware environments for the past 15 years, helping users make accurate decisions around planning, deploying, and managing complex workloads. It has been voted a top VMware utility many times by independent parties.

Since 2008, RVTools has been downloaded more than 2 million times and is a ubiquitous utility, familiar and trusted by VMware administrators. There is no fee to use RVTools, and it is made available to any user without obligation. RVTools’ outputs are commonly used and accepted formats by many industry planning tools that help users gain insight into their VMware virtualization environments.

In 2023, Dell Technologies acquired RVTools technology. Dell is committed to keeping RVTools available as a no cost public download, so it can continue to be an open asset for the technical community. RVTools is a companion offering to Dell Live Optics™, which is also freely available to users. While RVTools is focused on VMware, Live Optics provides similar insights for physical servers, cloud deployments, storage infrastructure, file and data protection environments. These two software offers can be used together or independently.

If you wish to learn more or have questions about either program, please use the Contact Us page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Was RVTools acquired by Dell Technologies?
A: RVTools technology was acquired by Dell Technologies in 2023 from its original founder, Rob de Veij. Rob is still supporting the program as part of the Dell team.

Q: Is there a cost to use RVTools?
A: No, the software has always been made available to the public at no cost, and Dell has no plans to change this model.

Q: Will Dell continue to update RVTools with new VMware releases?
A: Yes, Dell is committed to keeping RVTools current with VMware’s release schedule.